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North and Soul by our very own mumbler, Gillian Bruce.

The Future of Downs Written by an amazing and inspirational friend of Mumbler, Helen Kingdon.

Shrinking Violet in the ‘gate A fantastic local lifestyle local blog. Check out the article about Mumbler! (biased? Us?!)

Areyoukiddingney Another of our amazing Mumbler mums, Elizabeth Dimelow.

Finding the Motivation to Exercise from Inspire Me Personal Training – Week 2

Claire Chadwick from Inspire Me Personal Training talks about how to keep the household motivated to exercise, especially with older children. Intrinsic motivation doesn’t develop in children until they are well into High School, the idea that they may exercise for long term health benefits is too abstract.  Instead, they need extrinsic motivation. That is…

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A Leeds Dad’s Perspective on Lockdown with a Baby and Toddler!

Andrew Carter is a 33-year-old author and dad from Headingley, who writes heartwarming yet humorous blogs about his life as a new dad. In this guest blog, Andrew shares his experiences of lockdown with a baby and toddler! “Why are you standing there?” Louise asked me yesterday. “I’m waiting for the kettle to boil.” “Well,…

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Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice: Around the World Challenge

  Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice has had to postpone their Around The World challenge for the time being. But fear not, they have produced a brand new way for you to help them make it Around The World this year. Introducing the very special … Around The World…

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Covid-19 Home Learning: Mumbler Easter Holiday Boredom Buster Guide

If you are anything like me you will have scraped through the last two weeks of homeschooling (a big pat on the back to us all!) but now realise that there are 2 weeks of entertaining the children to come where you can’t rely on schoolwork! We have put together our Mumbler Easter Holiday Boredom…

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Educational TV Programmes for Kids

Do you just want 15 mins to finish off some work, have some you time or to get dinner ready but you want the kids to watch something that’s a bit more educational? I’ve heard people say “if you put the sound on mute and turn on the sub-titles they can practice their reading skills”…

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COVID-19 Home Learning: Safari Hunt for Kids at Home

Picture Trail  Animal-Pictures All you need to do is print the pictures (Download them here), cut them along the dashed line (as there are two images per A4 print out), and stick them up around the house or garden. Then set the mini mumblers off to find the animals. Depending on their age you can…

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How to Support Your Nutrition During COVID-19 Self-Isolation

In their guest blog, the team at hero have put together their top tips to support your health during this challenging time. Here are their recommendations when it comes to nutrition! Vitamin D Vitamin D plays a vital role in human health. The body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. Food…

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Janno Media Story Writing Competition for kids

Here’s a children’s Story Writing ✍️ Competition…but with a difference. The team at Janno Media will turn the winning story into an animated video. Ready, Steady, Write…🎥 We’ve come up with a fun competition to help motivate young people into writing some exciting stories during their time at home! Our Story Writing Competition is open…

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Family Musicals, Plays & Films you can watch from Home

The weather is not looking as great this coming week, so if you need some downtime as part of your weekly routine there are some great child-friendly online streamed musicals and plays showing, as well as a range of family films. The Jungle Book Live Wicked Productions have uploaded a ‘LIVE’ recording of their 2019…

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How to Exercise at Home with the Kids from Inspire Me Personal Training – Week 1

Each day we set off with the best of intentions to be a great Mum, Cleaner, Cook, Worker, Partner, Friend and now Teacher! In that list, many parents will push their own needs to the side. Your fitness is critically important, it helps keep your immune system boosted, lifts your mood, helps you stay calm…

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