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LS Dyslexia: Dyslexia assessments in Leeds and surrounding areas. 

I am able to offer dyslexia assessments to adults and children aged 7+, providing a full diagnostic report with recommendations suitable for school, college and the workplace. I can also provide DSA reports to ensure that support is in place for university.

I am a specialist teacher and a member of The Dyslexia Guild with a current Assessment Practising Certificate. I have a wide range of experience teaching and assessing adults and children and I provide a friendly and professional service.

The cost of a full diagnostic assessment is £380. I am happy to travel to your home/school/college/workplace or I have access to other locations which may suit you or your child better. The written report is produced within 2 weeks of the assessment and a follow-up consultation can be arranged to discuss the report and the recommendations.

​If you would like to find out more about dyslexia assessments then please get in touch for a friendly and informal chat.

Contact LS Dyslexia:
Phone: 07792824410

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Minton Morrill Solicitors

We are solicitors based in Park Square, Leeds.

We are experts in Medical Negligence and Inquest law.

Medical Negligence

Patients come to us when they are concerned about the standard of medical treatment provided to them, their partner, child or baby, particularly with life changing medical injuries, such as cerebral palsy, where a baby or child will often need a lifetime of expensive specialist care and support.

Medical injuries put a huge emotional and financial strain on people and their families. We investigate whether an injury should have been avoided with better medical care. The law recognises individuals and families should be compensated to help them move forward with their lives if they have received negligent medical care but it also protects doctors and nurses by making these legal tests difficult to overcome.

Because the legal tests to establish medical negligence are so strict, our team of experienced solicitors only practice in this area of law. It is often very challenging, complex and emotional work but we are passionate about helping our clients and their families and getting answers for them. Click here for more information about medical negligence or call us on 0113 209 3848.

Our lawyers receive all telephone enquiries directly so we can provide clear advice from the start.


When a loved one dies suddenly or unexpectedly an investigation into the cause of death may be started by a local Coroner with the aim of establishing how and why that person died.

Preparing for and attending an Inquest can be daunting. Our Inquest solicitors help families with this by guiding them through the process and often representing families at the Inquest itself. Click here for information about Inquests or call us on 0113 209 3848.

Contact Details Website:

Telephone: 0113 209 3848

Autism Angels

There is so much for everyone to get involved with here at Autism Angels, once you’ve arrived you’ll never want to leave. Your whole family is welcome, siblings, grandparents and any professionals working with you. We are here to support all of you so you can live big full lives together.

Autism Angels North, The Cherry Trees, Kirkby Lane, Kearby, LS22 4BR. Tel: 0113 387 3064

Teens Engage and Meet Saturday Group

Teens Engage and Meet. A weekly group for young people aged 13-18 with learning disabilities. They cook, play games, hang out, go on trips and generally have fun.