The Modern Milkman

Our doorstep deliveries help busy mums and dads with their shopping, whilst doing their bit for the planet. Sound too good to be true? With the convenience of online ordering, you can reduce waste as well as your stress levels. Rise and shine to fresh milk and groceries right on your doorstep, with three plastic free deliveries a week. Run out of milk making last night’s cuppa? You have until 8pm the night before to make changes to your delivery, so there’s no need for a late-night trek to the shops.

A bit about The Modern Milkman

  • We deliver fresh milk, eggs, baked goods, household products and more, right to your door, with no single-use plastics
  • We use returnable glass bottles, which we wash and reuse
  • Our app and website allow you to manage your orders with the flexibility of a limbo dancer

So, save the planet and escape the crowded shops.

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T&Cs: This code is redeemable for 25% off your first order with The Modern Milkman. You must be a new customer to redeem this offer. This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

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