Thackray Medical Museum: Germs, glorious germs – May Half Term Holiday

Germs get a bad rep. But what if we told you that less than 1% of germs make people ill? There are over 100 trillion microbes in our tummies that help us digest our food. They also help us fight disease and keep our skin looking neat and tidy. Germs can do us good!
Inspired by Anna Dumitriu’s latest exhibition, Fragile Microbiomes, we’ll explore how germs can not only be deadly, but also friendly. We’ll look at what germs are, how germs are all around us, and what happens when the good and bad germs become unbalanced.
All activities included in your museum annual pass and suitable for all the family.
Fancy getting creative and exploring your inner eco-artist? On select dates, we will be running workshops with local textile artist Kayleigh Davis influenced by Fragile Microbiome and nature.
Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7LN

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