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Ilkley PANDAS Support group is a peer support group that supports people who are going through perinatal mental health illness such as antenatal depression, postnatal depression, ante and postnatal anxiety, Postnatal OCD, birth trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder and everything in between.

We meet every fourth Friday of the month and for more info please see our Facebook page.
We meet at St. John’s Church, Ben Rhydding, LS29 8PN from
9:30-11: 30 am every fourth Friday of each month.

You don’t need a diagnosis but we encourage people to seek further help from their GP or specialist nurse whenever necessary.


We are a very relaxed and friendly group where we have toys and light refreshments for your little ones, a friendly listening ear for you and a hot cuppa. Herbal or otherwise and always plenty of cake! If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. email

(We have just changed our email address from to, there are leaflets with the old email address, emails will be answered from either account.)

Ilkley PANDAS is people-centred and a non-clinical setting, where people are free to talk without fear of judgement.

Affiliated with the National Charity PANDAS foundation which also offers support in the forms of a helpline, email support and an online community. More information can be found here:

Ilkley PANDAS support group is not a crisis service and if you need crisis support we would advise you to call your crisis team or 999.

*****If you are a healthcare professional or trainee and you either want to volunteer or gain work experience then please email your current DBS to to apply. Thank you. *****

GR8Minds: support for young people in the Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven area.

 provides support for young people in the Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven area.

Young people aged 5–18.
You can either talk to us directly or ask a teacher or parent/carer to contact us.

We’ll arrange an appointment that can be at home, school or your GP practice. The appointment can be day time or in the evening. The appointment will last up to an hour.


Leeds IAPT

Depression, anxiety or any kind of emotional stress are part of everyday life and can be a real challenge. Sometimes people are able to deal with this by themselves or with the help of family and friends. However, some professional help may be needed and Leeds IAPT can provide this.

Leeds IAPT provide psychological treatments, sometimes called talking treatments, to help people who are stressed, experiencing low mood (depressed) or are very nervous (anxious).

Treatments are delivered across a number of locations in the city and can take place as part of a group, online, or on a one to one basis. To access treatment patients can self refer to the service, this can be done via the or by telephone (0113 843 4388).  Once an assessment has been completed our clinicians will then speak to patients about treatment options.

IAPT is available to people who are aged 17 or above and registered with a Leeds GP.

Leeds IAPT can help you change the way that you think and feel.


Social Emotional Mental Health and Wellbeing Service Guide for Families

Click here to download the guide