Support for Parents Wharfedale & Craven

Children’s Centres and Health Visitors

0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service

If you have a baby, child or young person here are more details of the contacts we currently offer to everyone.

We offer contacts in person, over the telephone or via virtual methods.
You can contact us via our Single Point of Access on 0113 8435683 and speak with your named 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse or a member of our 0-19 Team

Health Visitor Drop In Clinic, Silsden

Health visitor drop in clinic Tuesday 2 pm – 3 pm.

Elliott Street
BD20 0DE

Telephone: 01535 618 005

Monday Midwife Clinic, Guiseley

9.15-12.15 Guiseley Primary School, Oxford Road, Guiseley.


Thursday Peer Support Group Guiseley

Peer Support Groups:
Guiseley 10.30-12.00
Guiseley Children’s Centre
Oxford Rd, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 9DA
Contact: 01943 874100